I’ve been wanting to create a growth chart for a long time. Now that I managed to do the first one, I can finally stop keeping track of my kids growth directly on the wall! HOW IT WORKS SCALE: It starts at 20 inches and goes up to 60. Use a fine permanent marker like Sharpie for the […]

I love every time my kids engage themselves in some sort of creative play. When I first introduced the Story Cubes (or Story Dice) to my 5 year old boy, it was a blast. I had only created 3 cubes by then, but he had so much fun making up stories that the play went on […]

I was looking through my illustrations today and found this one I did for my son’s 6th birthday party. As all the kids loved colouring it in, I figured yours might like it as well. So, here it is! Download and print it for them! Just click on the image below. If they happen to colour […]

I’ve been wanting to offer Wall Stickers on my shop for a while now. I started doing some tests many months ago, but only recently I found a print shop that prints with the quality I like. (picture by Ananda) You can view all the designs I’m currently offering HERE. I created the designs with the […]

A while ago I went to visit a friend of mine in Vancouver and fell in love with her stunning scrapbook papered walls. It was so beautiful and artistic that I knew instantly that I had to do the same in my house! So I did! Thanks, Andrea, for the inspiration and sharing the technique! What you will […]