Designing and carving stamps has been one of my favourite hobbies lately. That’s why I’m happy to share with you how I make them, so you may end up having as much fun as I do! Besides being a very cool hobby, the stamps are also great for the kids to play with. What you will need: White rubber erasers […]

To all my lovely and adorable customers who plan on giving a Lalelilolu’s art print for gift this year, here are the suggested mailing dates to make sure you are all going to receive your packages on time for Christmas. If you are in Canada, the cut off date is December 11th. USA – December 8th. […]

Here is an idea to have even more fun with paper dolls this Halloween: stick them to a magnetic sheet! What you will need: – The paper dolls and their halloween outfits printed out (they were all designed by me) – Magnetic sheets (I found mine at Walmart) – Pair of scissors (and a sharp blade or knife […]

Halloween is right around the corner! So, here are some printable cute little flags to decorate your house. Just click on the image below to download the PDF file containing all the flags. Enjoy!

Hello everybody! I’m thrilled to announce that the new Lalelilolu Studios website is live!!! Yay!!! I spent the last couple months working really hard… taking new pictures, re-designing images, writing the new pages and translating everything to have both Portuguese and English versions, but it was worth the effort! I’m very in love with the result and […]