Georgia (GG to her friends) is of an astonishing versatility. At the same time she leaves home beautiful and charming in a cute lace dress and head bows, she comes back all dirty from splishing and splashing in that mud puddle under the tree at the yard. And it was that mix of sweet and cuddle little girl and miniature of “rambo”, that her meticulous mom Naiara, asked me to try to capture in an illustration for her blog, Little Diva

Hasn’t it turned out just like Georgia? 🙂

3 Responses to Little Diva
  1. que encanto seu blog, amei, quando puder me visite ficarei honrada bjinhus

  2. Eu amei. A loirinha esta bem parecida mesmo com a foto. O look de aventureira tambem deixou ela charmozinha. Boa semana um beijo de sua amiga Ju

  3. Obrigada, meninas! 🙂


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