When Luci asked me to create a little girl for her I didn’t get she was actually looking for a logo for her craft brand, so I created a girl with lots of details and flowers everywhere.

– Lu, it’s beautiful, but I’m actually looking for something plain! – she wrote me.:)

So Marrie was born, an adorable little girl who is very lucky to go along with Marrie Craft’s delicate work. I did Marrie in different hair colors and the chosen one was the black haired girl.

If you want to see Marrie Craft’s beautiful wallets and planner books, go ahead and visit her shop.

7 Responses to Marrie Craft
  1. linda!!! realmente é encantador o teu trabalho Lu.

  2. Muito obrigada, meninas!!! 🙂

  3. lindo trabalho, como sempre…..
    beijocas e parabéns, mais uma vez!

  4. Estou apaixonada pela marrie.

  5. […] bonequinha da Marrie já apareceu por aqui antes, mas pra quem não se lembra é essa […]


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