Dri is more than a special client. She has already asked me to create an illustration for her oldest son, illustrations of herself in different clothes, an illustration of everything that’s in her handbag (it’s a lot!) and has been illustrated as a well travelled tourist. But she still wanted some more illustrations, so her blog would be totally personalized.

So, she asked to create a couple of illustrations for the sections about “Restaurants” she recommends and “Just for Kids”. For the restaurant I wanted to create something different and decided to do her silhouette against a candlelight. Chic, huh? 🙂

For the topic “Just for Kids” she wanted a reinterpretation of the beautiful artwork “Young love: swinging” by Norman Rockwell, but replacing the original characters by her two boys Rafa and Ro.


Please, try not to compare the two illustrations, it’s not fair – Rockwell was a genius of painting!

4 Responses to More of Dri
  1. OLá Lu querida, a Dri é super querida. Fiz o roteiro dela pela Alemanha. Ela viajará logo.
    Vc é demais, adoro suas ilustraçoes, parabéns.
    Beijos e uma ótima semana.

  2. Ficou um belíssimo trabalho, aliás, como sempre!
    Bjo e uma ótima semana

  3. Luuuu,
    Amei tudo, como sempre…vc é uma super artista capaz de realizar os desejos mais desejados das suas clientes 🙂
    Eu me amei no restô, e simplesmente mais que amei os meus meninos, de longe vc superou todas as minhas expectativas.
    Muuuuuito obrigada por fazer tudo isso para mim.
    Você está praticamente ali com a minha fada madrinha que realiza todos os meus desejos, hahahaha.

  4. ei queridas, vcs são todas uns amores, obrigada!

    Driiiiiii! Quase fada madrinha me matou! Adorei!!!! hahahaha



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