This is another illustration my friend Dri asked me to create – a very special gift to her beloved husband for their 11 year anniversary.

As he loves taking part in rally races, nothing better than a drawing of both in a rally car with her by his side still looking at him in a very passionate way.

Congratulations to you both! May this love last forever!

6 Responses to Dri & Guss – 11 years together
  1. Lu, minha querida
    Obrigada, mais uma vez por essa ilustra linda!
    Amamos 🙂
    um beijo

  2. Ah que desenho mais lindo, dona Luciana!!! Sabe que isso me deu uma ideia, né? hahahahaa….quem sabe para o aniversário dele !!!! beijo

  3. Linda ilustra ….e o olhar apaixonada dela , d + capitou bem, Lu


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