Hi there!

After such a long time, I’m back and super excited to introduce you my new website! Yay! Have you noticed that the name lalelilolu illustration has changed to lalelilolu studios? Well, that’s part of the news!

I have so much to tell you, that I’ll be posting about the new features and products over the next few days. Until then, I’m going to let you sneak around and see what’s new!

Feel free to explore the “About lalelilolu” section, the Portfolio e the F.A.Q. My new store is especially for those who live in Brazil, as all the items are described in Portuguese only and are sold in Brazilian currency, but you can still visit my Etsy Shop. Oh! And don’t forget to “tickle” that little lady bug at the top! See what happens! 🙂

So, I’ll see you tomorrow!

4 Responses to New lalelilolu studios!
  1. ô querida!

    estou aqui felizona e cheia de orgulho.

    muito sucesso, viu?

    bjo bjo bjo

  2. Lu,


    Que ótimo ver ele todo lindo desse jeito! Está sua cara!!

    Estou muuuuuuuito orgulhosa de você!

    Beijos cheios de muita boa sorte!

  3. Lindo! Lindo! Tudo fofo demais! Sucessos mil o novo site! 😉

    1001 bjs, Eliane

  4. Ficou lindão, Lu!

    Parabéns e sucesso!


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