Sofia is a little girl who pretends being an astronaut. She loves the moon, Laika, the dog and little aliens. Her mom was the winner of the last giveaway and that’s what se asked me to create: an illustration portraying this special moment of Sofia’s childhood. “I keep thinking that by the age of 20, Sofia will look at the illustration and will have flashbacks of this sweet time of life, so full of imagination. She will go back in time and that is priceless” – said her mom.

As I used to imagine myself as an astronaut as well, doing this illustration made me revisit moments of my childhood too!


PS: Thanks for all who have booked a Custom Illustration for 2013. Amazing how many people have shown up! And for those who are interested, there are still three spots available: 2 for July, 1 for November. To purchase it, visit my shop.

4 Responses to Sofia, the astronaut
  1. Lu querida
    Sou super fã destes sorteios, vc sabe, ne?!
    Amei a ilustração da linda Sofia.
    Parabens, mais uma vez!
    Sou sua fã!!!!!
    Bjks mil

    • Clauo, querida.. Minha primeira família a ganhar minha primeira ilustração personalizada! Vcs moram no meu coração!

      Beijos e obrigada pelo carinho!


  2. Lu, amei!!!
    Ta muito muito fofo!!
    A composição está bacana, e as cores estão lindas!! Super PARABENS!!!

    • Ei Thalita, nossa, muito obrigada mesmo! Adoro saber o ponto de vista de outra profissional da mesma área… ainda mais você! significa muito pra mim!



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