Custom Illustration – The boy and his guitar

This handsome boy is the twin brother of the cutie on the last post. I’ve been told (and I assure you the source is very reliable!) that he is incredibly funny, bright and with a gift for words. And also, that he likes a good adventure, enjoys being with his friends and loves playing the guitar. Just as his sister, I portrayed him a bit younger, as an attempt of immortalizing his childhood.


I really enjoyed the whole process, especially because it was the first time I got the children themselves reviewing their own illustrations! His hair style for example, was a special request from the model! 🙂


Thanks, Belle and guys! I’m happy to hear you’ve all loved the illustrations!

One Response to The boy and his guitar
  1. Quanto mais eu olho as ilustracoes, mais e mais eu me apaixono. As criancas AMARAM, maior sucesso aqui em casa! OBRIGADA (de novo, novamente, mais uma vez =) xoxo


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