Custom Illustration – The girl and her horse

This beautiful and smiling little girl with incredibly expressive blue eyes loves dogs, horses, gymnastics, singing and poetry. Unlike most girls, she doesn’t like dresses, dolls or things in pink, so I created an illustration that has everything she cares the most, but in neutral colours.


She is currently 10, but her mom asked me to portrait her as a little girl, so she could have a special memory of her daughter’s childhood. I felt really honoured with such special task!


Belle, thanks for the detailed description of your children, for the amazing pictures carefully chosen and for your feedback throughout the illustration process. It all makes a huge difference!

And stay tuned everyone! I’ll be posting the illustration of her twin brother next!

3 Responses to The girl and her horse
  1. Oh Lu, teu trabalho eh encantador! Amamos as ilustracoes e, como ja te disse, todo o processo. A beleza e alegria da nossa filhota e seu amor aos animais eternizados nesta obra de arte. OBRIGADA!

  2. […] menino lindo é o irmão gêmeo da fofura do último post. Pelo que me contaram (fontes seguras, garanto!), ele é engraçado, inteligente e com um dom pras […]


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