I could hardly wait to show this illustration to you all. It’s one of my favourite ones so far and got me inspired to simplify my drawings and try something new. Because of it I started the #365drawingproject.


This illustration was created especially for Máxima, a very active and bright 5 year old girl, whose mom is Argentine and dad, Canadian. She has lived in Uruguay and Peru, but lives currently in Phillipines. Each child in the boat represents one of those nationalities, so do the stickers.


I know her parents from long ago, since when I used to work as a Geologist in Venezuela. So, this illustration has an even more special meaning to me! 🙂


PS: the sea was inspired by the book Lost and Found, that she loves. And so do I! 🙂

4 Responses to Máxima, the viking girl
  1. Oi, Lu
    Finalmente cheguei !!! Estou adorando esse projeto 365, vou estar acompanhando!!
    Esa ilustração da Máxima é realmente o máximo,mais que lindo , parabéns!
    E ela é uma fofa!
    Bjs ,daqui a pouco eu volto rsrrs

  2. posso tentar criar uma narrativa com a Máxima na proa, no comando?!

    gostei muito do seu trabalho.

    segue o link de uma narrativa nossa. faça um orçamento, por favor.




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