I told you I would post the last drawings every Friday, but I just realized that is too much at the moment. So, I decided to post once every 30 images. Bellow you’ll find the link to where to purchase each drawing. Thanks for your support!


1. Art Print Friends – The very first one.

2. Ballerina

2. Girl on Elephant

4. Pirates

2. Boy on Elephant

6. I’m happy when I’m with you

7. Big Fellow I

8. Big Fellow II


9. Music

10. Lions

11. Elephants

12. Girl and Kitten

13. Sneak a peek onto a secret project I’m working on.

14. Mother and Son

15.I have to try

16. Hide and Seek


17. Mother and Son

18. Wondering

19. Toddler

20. Love the rain

21. The Vikings – Custom Ilustration

 22. Imagination

23. Mother and Daughter

24. Little Monsters


 25. The Voyage

26. The Tree

27 to 30. The Animal Alphabet – will be available as soon as I finish doing all the letters

4 Responses to First month – 30 drawings!
  1. Lindos, lindos, lindos! Não tenho outra palavra! Seus desenhos tem sentimentos, adoro! Patty

  2. Bom dia, vim aqui por indicação da amiga Patrícia.
    Pô, seu traço é muito maneiro! Parabéns.
    Cordial abraço.


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