Life is full of phases. Every time we start do get used to one, another phase comes right behind and makes us rethink and adapt to it all over again. But they can be especially intense and tricky when we have children, right?

About three months ago I started the 365 Drawing Project. First, because I felt the urge of practicing to improve my skills, but also because I really needed to force myself to focus on projects that only existed in my head for a long time. And it worked for a while. I managed to create more artwork for my Etsy Shop, so it wouldn’t look so abandoned, and also finished the Animal Alphabet in Portuguese.


It wasn’t easy, because besides the commitment I made to create a new (coloured) drawing every day, I also had to work on many custom orders I had each month and most important, I also had a little girl by my side, who wasn’t a baby any more and needed to be engaged in more activities and see other children.




That’s when I realized I needed I break from the #365DrawingProject.

My plan was to resume it now, in December, but being realistic, I don’t think a can. I managed to catch up with my custom orders during November, but my active little girl still needs me every morning (when I used to work).

iphone_oct_2013 033

So, as I don’t want to sacrifice my personal life, I decided to change the project! Instead of #365drawings, I’ll start the #1001projects, so I can work on a project at a time, from start to finish, but at my own pace. At the pace is good for my family.

And I’m happy with that resolution. Sounds much more reasonable! 🙂

iphone_oct_2013 060

Now, do you want to know some of the projects that are coming up soon?

– Illustrated numbers from 1 to 10
– Calendar with illustrations of the most popular family destinations (in partnership with Viajando com Pimpolhos)
– Zodiac signs (one every month, just for fun!)
– Illustrated world map (plus a Brazilian map)
– My first children’s book, in partnership with Fabiluli
– The animal alphabet in English

Besides many other surprise-projects that I’ll tell along the way.

So, wanna come with me? I’d love! <3

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