Do you believe in astrology?

I personally don’t, but I admit that I have loads of fun reading the characteristics and personality of each sign sometimes. Even though it’s not very scientific, zodiac has always fascinated a lot of people, right?

lalelilolu studios signo zodíaco ilustração infantil sagitário

That’s why I wanted to create a drawing of each zodiacal sign, but making a cute interpretation of their symbols. I started with Scorpio (my sign), followed by Sagittarius and Capricorn – each one done in its correspondent period. So in October I’ll have 12 cute zodiac illustrations for children.

It will be only girls in the drawings and I can easily personalize the hair colours and add the name of your little girl to the print.

lalelilolu studios signo zodíaco ilustração infantil escorpião

The first three were:

Scorpio – with the little girl’s braid mimicking the scorpio’s tail
Sagittarius – with Centaurus being replaced by a little archer on a rocking horse
Capricorn – with the goat replaced by a stuffed goat wearing mermaid tail

So Aquarius is coming next! Stay tuned!

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