To my great surprise and disappointment, I have seen a growing number of blogs and fanpages using images of artists or photographers to illustrate their posts, but instead of giving credit to the creators, they give credit to Google, Pinterest, Flickr or Facebook.

People, that’s the same as quoting the passage from a book but give credit to the library! Stop doing that!

Besides being illegal (hello copyright!), it’s is so lame! Google hasn’t created any of those images itself, it just found them for you. Be mindful and considerate to the creators and always link with love.

How do I credit the images correctly?

Check the source

First, click the image and check if it takes you to the name or company who created it. If it has been posted on a blog (or Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr) without credits, shame on them, but proceed doing a quick search.

Do a quick search on Google Images

1. Click the image with the right button of the mouse and open it in another tab or window. In the example below, I googled “illustration of girl flying a kite”. One of my illustrations came up and in this case it had both my name and link to my shop (very easy to credit correctly), but if the image you want to use doesn’t, just copy its URL – pointed out by the red rectangle in the image below.

2. Then, open Google Images and click the photograph icon.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 1.59.29 PM

3. Paste the image’s URL and click Search by Image. If you have the image in your computer, just upload it to Google.


Done! By doing this Google will show you a list of every place the image has been posted over the internet and one of them is certainly the creator’s website or has their name. With a little bit of patience you will find it.

If not, please, don’t use the image. Just pick another one you can find the link to. And link it with love.

Artists and photographers out there will be very grateful!

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