Rita first asked me to create an illustration of her daughter over 1 year ago, around the time we first met. Turns out I ended up doing the illustration of herself first as she needed it for her blog, and only now the time has finally come for her beloved children: Bella and Butters.


Aren’t they cute?

Since the beginning she mentioned she wanted the illustration to have movement, just like the one I did of Julia and Zig (my favourite kind of illustration, btw). But as she needed to use the portrait of they both separate, together and also along with her, I had to doodle several possibilities to make it work.

And the best solution was to draw them running front-facing. Rita loved the idea!


Then, she sent me lots of beautiful photos and a very organized list with details she wanted for Bella’s outfit, including a turquoise polo shirt, skirt or skinny pants (I went with a flowing skirt), head band and gray low cut sneakers. Yeah, she thought of everything! 🙂


I also put Bella’s favourite toy (since she was a baby) in one of her hands, which made the illustration even more special!


As for Bella’s expression, I did a first version of her smiling (above), but then, changed it after Rita told me that it’s not that common for her to have an open smile. And the illustration turned out much more like her, don’t you think?


As for Butters… well… I only had to make sure to draw a very wrinkled cute face and highlight his colours.


And this it how they turned out together:


I also gave Rita a PNG version of the illustration, so she can have fun using it in different situations. Want to see how?

illustration-girl-running-with-dog-lalelilolu-studios4They both running in the Canadian Rockies.  (original photo by me)

illustration-girl-running-with-dog-lalelilolu-studios5On the streets of Paris – Ooh-lá-lá! (original photo by Coralie Bischoff)

illustration-girl-running-with-dog-lalelilolu-studios6Running happily over green fields (original photo by Dungrucc)

illustration-girl-running-with-dog-lalelilolu-studios8Or even in the high altitudes of Macchu Picchu! (original photo by Iván Utz)

Okay, enough. I think I’ve made my point. 🙂

And to finish this post, the illustration of the three together!


As soon as Rita sends me photos of the illustrations on Bella’s wall, I show it to you! 🙂


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