It’s been a while since I last showed you the custom illustrations I’ve doing this year, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, for those who have been asking, I’m not accepting any more commissions right now, and won’t for a while. I love taking custom orders, but I’ve been seriously juggling with my time lately and really need to focus on other projects. But I’ll let you know when I’m back taking commissions! 🙂


2. custom-illustration-princess-lalelilolu-studios

This is Luisa. Her mom is one of the funniest clients I have ever worked with – I joy reading her emails! Luisa is a very alternative little girl, with a strong personality. She loves playing with witch dolls and those kinda things, and she is not a big fan of princesses – unlike her mom! This illustration was created for her 2nd birthday party and I attempted to capture her daring look and pose, but with a princess touch. 🙂

1. custom-illustration-princess-lalelilolu-studios2 1. custom-illustration-princess-lalelilolu-studios3

These are some pictures of her party. <3

Maria Luiza

2. custom-illustration-princess-frozen-lalelilolu-studios

The first time I did an illustration of Maria Luiza was three years ago. I love when it happens and I get a second chance to draw the same child again some years later! She used to love flowers and bees back then, but today she is a super fan of Frozen, the movie. So, the illustration for her 4th birthday was inspired by Elsa and all that snow! 🙂


3. custom-illustration-despicable-me-lalelilolu-studios

Samuel is a smily and cute little guy who loves the characters of Despicable Me, the movie. His mom asked me to create an illustration inspired by the Minions, his favourite. Beside that, he also loves music and trains, shown as clouds in the background. This illustration was used to decorate his 3rd birthday party.


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