Here is an idea to have even more fun with paper dolls this Halloween: stick them to a magnetic sheet!

What you will need:

– The paper dolls and their halloween outfits printed out (they were all designed by me)

– Magnetic sheets (I found mine at Walmart)

– Pair of scissors (and a sharp blade or knife for the holes in the ghost costume)

– A metallic surface, such as a fridge or board


Click on the image below to download the small version of the paper dolls. Click here if you prefer the large version.



Print them out, stick them to the magnetic sheets, cut them out and have fun! (sorry the pictures today, my camera is broken and I had to use my cell phone!)









2 Responses to Make your own magnetic paper dolls | Printable
  1. Hello, I am looking to make and sell something like this for Halloween.
    How would I be able to possibly use your copyrighted design or buy a few sheets for our market? Thanks!


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