A while ago I went to visit a friend of mine in Vancouver and fell in love with her stunning scrapbook papered walls. It was so beautiful and artistic that I knew instantly that I had to do the same in my house! So I did! Thanks, Andrea, for the inspiration and sharing the technique!

What you will need

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors or paper knife
  • A sturdy surface that can get wet (I used a wooden board)
  • Brush (large is better for the big pieces of paper)
  • Paper glue and water
  • A recipient to mix the glue and water
  • A sponge


What to do

1. Get all the papers cut in different sizes and try to arrange them roughly on the floor first. I chose the colours based on the colours in my studios.




2. Mix one part of glue for 2 of water. Add glue if it’s too fluid.

3. Generously coat the back of each piece of paper using the brush, than place it into position on the wall and press firmly.





4.  Gently rub a wet soft sponge on the paper to smooth them out and remove any wrinkle or bubble.

5. Apply a bit more glue around the edges of the paper and a thin coat of the glue-water mixture over it if necessary. If you’re not happy with any part, just place another piece of paper to cover it.

6. Allow the wall to dry.

7. Step back and proudly admire your awesome work!

8. If by any chance you get tired of the wall and want to remove the paper in the future, just dump it with lots of water and rub a rough sponge to remove it all.






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