I love every time my kids engage themselves in some sort of creative play. When I first introduced the Story Cubes (or Story Dice) to my 5 year old boy, it was a blast. I had only created 3 cubes by then, but he had so much fun making up stories that the play went on for 2 hours. Since then, this is by far one of his favourite games!

7 themes available on my shop:

– Characters (free)

– Weather (free)

– Landscape (free)

– Transportation

– Places

– Accessories

– Animals

How it works:

– Print the cubes using a card stock paper.

– Have fun colouring in the illustrations.

– Cut them out along the outside edges (be careful to not cut off the tabs), fold along the lines and glue them together forming a cube.

– Done! Now throw the cubes and let chance play a role in your storytelling! Make sure to include all the illustrations that come up in the dice in your story.







  1. […] their imagination by creating something new that they can play with. This was the case of the Story Cubes and the Woodland Animals Cootie Catchers, for instance, and they still play with them […]


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