Once more, I had lots of fun at the WONDERFUL Christmas Fair at the Cedar Valley Waldorf School! Thank you so much for everybody who stopped by, for the chat, the laughter, the compliments and the purchases, of course. It was a great success!


The whole fair was so cozy, magical and warm – despite the rain and cold outside! Not to mention the adorable crafts and delicious homemade food available! 


Christmas crafts my by the parents (two pictures at the top), magical gnome village with gnomes skating, Waldorf market

 I was so happy to finally have a proper display for my art prints! Thanks to my family who helped me to build it.



The pendants were the main attraction on my table, along with the cute postcards, story cubes and growth charts – all the new stuff I managed to bring this year!


Once more, I was very proud to be part of this event, where everything is made with such LOVE!

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