A few years ago a friend of mine and talented doll maker Fabiana, showed me this adorable story she had wrote for little kids, and asked me if I’d like to illustrate it and  turn it into a children’s book in the future. I felt in love with the story and said YES right away. Since then, many things happened – kids, projects, life – and it took us a long time to finally put everything together.

So, I’m very proud to announce that the book is finally here and it’s ADORABLE!


The story is about two friends: Flux and Lux. Flux is a dog who loves to play outside all day long and Lux is a bat who can’t stand the sunlight. So, it’s really hard for them to find a time to play together… Will they figure out a way? This is a short and VERY sweet story, perfect for little kids. The e-book is bilingual (written both in English and Portuguese) and it includes the two characters that you can print out and make stick puppets, so the children can act out the story and play as they like.


For now, it’s available only as an e-book. After you purchase, you’ll automatically receive:

An EPUB book – it’s a digital file format that you can read on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers or e-readers. The book has 11 pages and it’s written both in English and Portuguese.
PDF file – printable version of the book for those who’d rather have paper in their hands.
Another PDF file with the two characters for you to print and make stick puppets. It comes with the instructions.

FIND IT HERE: download your e-book

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