This is Lily. She is 5, and after many months saying she wouldn’t move on from Preschool to Kindergarten, guess what… She is SO happy in kindergarten that now she cries when it’s weekend and she has no school.

In her first day I asked her what she thinks she would like to be doing when she grows up. And the answer was: I wanna be a vet and live with mom and dad. #IAskThemEveryYear

And Nicolas… well… Nic is 8 now and he is as happy as he can be at school.  He’s starting Grade 3 with nonconventional plans for his future. He wants to be a ninja instructor, live in a giant well-equipped RV and have a hedgehog as pet. He adds that Lily is welcome to live with him in case she changes her mind about her future. 🙂

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