Dedicated to the little readers out there who have extraordinary experiences every time they’ve got a book on their hands!
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Lily: Mom, I love this drawing! But how did this happen?
Me: You see… the string got all tangled up around the little girl’s leg when she was having picnic and the balloon took her up there!
Lily: I like it! And it’s awesome that she kept reading!
Me: Yes, that’s how we know the book was really good!
Nic: Yeah… or maybe, she’s just imagining it…
Me:Could be too! Maybe she’s reading about that and it’s imagining herself in the same situation. That’s what I love about books!
Lily: Is that me in the drawing?
Me:Do you want it to be you?
Lily: Yes!
Me:So it is!
Lily: Was it my birthday? Because of the balloons?
Me:Could be.
Lily: But if so, where’s Nic and daddy? Didn’t they come to my birthday?
Me:Hm… Yes, they did. But I think they were running a bit late.
Lily: Doing what?
Me::Hm… getting a haircut, maybe?
Lily: Was Nic getting just a trim or a real haircut?
And this conversation went a long way… As far as that litte girl went when she was reading her book…

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