The studio

Lalelilolu studios

Lalelilolu illustration was born in October 2010, with the support of my husband and the encouragement of a good friend from the mommy community in the blogosphere, who saw a couple of watercolors paintings of mine in my personal blog and ordered me 3 illustrations to be used as prints in her children clothing collection. I was mesmerized: it was the first time I earned any money by doing drawings!

After the initial struggle trying to learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator by myself (since I had to color the illustrations digitally), I managed to accomplish the job and started practising like crazy. After two months, I felt confident enough to offer my services to everyone who would want a custom illustration – lalelilolu illustration was born.

Thanks to the wonderful network of moms I’ve met trough my blog I quickly started getting commissions. But I’ve got so many, that after a year working as an illustrator (and still being a full time mom), I had to slow down and refuse some orders. So, in February 2012, with the arrival of my daughter Lily, parallel to the illustration of my first children’s book (which I haven’t finished yet), I found it was time to fully stop taking custom work for a while.

These days I have about a thousand projects in my mind, which even go beyond the illustration. For that reason, lalelilolu illustration got a new website and became lalelilolu studios – a broader brand name.


The home office

For anyone who is curious to know how I work (or try) with two kids around, I have posted some photos above.

1. Kangaroo mom: trying to work while bouncing on a ball and carrying her need-to-be-held-all-the-time baby at the back.

2. The play-office: a combination of play area for the kids (70%) with a play area for their mommy (30%)

3. When miracles happen: sometimes the little girl gives a break to her mom and agrees to play by herself or with her big brother. Time for mom to enjoy herself and also get some work done!

If you wanna know where the name ‘lalelilolu’ came from, have a look at the dream I had. It’s beyond surreal!

Thanks for visiting!