Why lalelilolu?

The dream

Dreams are really amazing stuff. This one that I’m about to tell you, besides giving me much more confidence to follow my instincts and throw out five years of experience as a geologist to pursuit my dream of becoming an illustrator, also gave me the name for my illustration business! Wow! Some dream eh… If you want to read and relax, just go and grab a cup of coffee. I’ll wait for you. 🙂

* * *

(the dream happened during our vacation to Brazil, in September, 2010)

There I was, with no child, no husband, getting on the bus Vancouver-Brazil to pay my mother a visit (I said it’s a dream, folks!), when I glanced through the window and realized the bus wasn’t on the ground… it was flying…

“Well, if this bus that is unbelievably heavy, can fly, why can’t I?” I thought very rationally.

Without thinking twice, I quickly threw myself out of the bus and started to fly. It was a wonderful feeling (apart from the humidity in my hair, of course) and I enjoyed making radical twirls and dives … Suddenly, right in the middle of a great twirl I recognized the voice of a child down there. He was pointing to the sky and saying “Mommy is flying! Mommy is flying!”.

I believe I don’t need to say that that was the voice of my son Nicolas, right? After realizing that and thinking “oh, my God! What the heck I’m doing here having so much fun flying if I have a child to take care of?”, I just fell down to the ground. But what you wouldn’t suspect is that the fall was so bad, I checked out.

Yeah, I really died.

Needless to say I went straight to Heaven. There, I saw two different doors. I looked around trying to find someone to point out which one I should take, but there wasn’t a soul around (no pun intended). So, I slightly opened the door on my left and what I did see in there?

A little table by the entrance with a geo hammer, a compass, lenses, tracking boots and a spectacular field vest on it. Right from there I could also see a very steep track leading up to the top of a huge mountain, which was surrounded by a dense and very, very humid rainforest.

After feeling some blisters growing on my feet and my hair doubling its volume just by seeing that strangely familiar scenario, I stepped back, killed a tick on my arm and decided to sneak a peek at the next door.

By its entrance, there was also a little table, but on it there were brushes, paintings, special papers and slippers with rolling skate wheels (do I have to remind you this is just a dream?). Then I turn my head and I see a very flat, and therefore pleasant track leading to a very leafy tree by a crystal clear river, surrounded by mountains with snowy peaks and singing birds. Under the tree I see my son Nicolas, dancing happily by the sound of “Twinkle, twinke little star”.

Without thinking twice, I go in, put on the slippers and start to skate. Then I feel the dry air touching my hair and I think: “yeaaaaah!”. Right after that I hear a new song playing:

“La le li lo lu illustrator, that is Lu Illustrator…”*

This could only be a sign…

Then, somebody comes in. It was Rafael **, breathing heavily, sweaty, full of bug bits, dirty clothes, rock samples weighting from his vest pockets and holding a geo hammer. He had just come from the other door. So, he comes closer to me and says:

– You see, Lu? It’s not because you chose this door that you have to stay here forever! Enjoy your choice as long as you want and when you feel it is time, just go to the other door and join me again!

After those words, I glanced at his neck and saw a tiny but happy tick. I looked at the horizon, towards lovely scenario and said:

– Yeah right, sweetheart, you said it…

Then I leave skating on my sleepers, determined to grab some brushes and paintings.

After this revealing dream, you have to agree I had no other choice but to embrace my new path, right?

* In Brazil, we used to have a doll called “Lu Skater” and in the ads she had this song playing  “La le li lo lu skater, that is Lu Skater…”

** Rafael is my husband, who is also a geologist and a very proud one! 🙂