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Fun cootie catchers to download, print, cut and fold available on my Etsy Store. It includes: 7 Cootie Catchers of Magic World Creatures: dragon, unicorn, troll, 2 fairies and 2 mermaids The instructions Choose to download either English or Portuguese version They are perfect for birthday parties, classroom activity or just for a rainy day!

Hello everyone! I’m not as busy creating art as before, but from time to time I still create new toys and illustrations! These ones were requested by my youngest, so she can play over the holidays. It includes 7 characters to print: Santa, Mrs Claus, Elf, Reindeer, Polar Bear, Snowman and Gingerbread Man. Hope you […]

This illustration is a combination of inspirations… As usual, it was inspired by my kids playing with each other, but it’s also inspired by my own childhood memories. I remember the summer nights back in Brazil when I’d have so much fun chasing fireflies with my siblings and cousins! I’d love my kids to see […]

Dedicated to the little readers out there who have extraordinary experiences every time they’ve got a book on their hands! Available on my Etsy Shop. Enjoy 30%off until Dec 8th. ————- Lily: Mom, I love this drawing! But how did this happen? Me: You see… the string got all tangled up around the little girl’s […]

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that I’m cleaning up my studio to do some painting and changes, so I decided to do a Big Sale! I’ve got several boxes full of art prints and pendants left from the craft markets I have participated. For this reason I won’t be able to customize […]

This is Lily. She is 5, and after many months saying she wouldn’t move on from Preschool to Kindergarten, guess what… She is SO happy in kindergarten that now she cries when it’s weekend and she has no school. In her first day I asked her what she thinks she would like to be doing when she […]

I was in the car with Nicolas and Lily waiting for their dad to arrive, but he wouldn’t get there for 10 more minutes. Nicolas was staring at the clock with an anxious look. “Mom, I believe this clock is broken. The time won’t pass! Why you don’t buy the same clock they have at […]

I’m in the shower and Nic comes quickly to tell me that Lily was playing with my computer. ME: Go tell her to stop, please! NIC: I told her so, but she said that she is mommy now. ME: Well, so tell her that it can’t be possible, since mommy is in the shower. NIC: […]

I’m trying to sketch more frequently now, so I thought it would be nice to register the little things in life. I’ll keep posting them here if you like it! It’s summer time. Lily woke up early and was anxious to play with her brother, who was still sleeping. Then, she comes to me almost […]

Hi! After a long pause without my computer and now, busy having my kids full time on summer break, I’m back here to show you what I’ve been up to these days. This is a family sketch – and I’m really hoping I’ll manage to turn this into a huge painting for my house this […]

Once again, I’ll have the pleasure of being a vendor at the Etsy Vancouver Market! It’s going to be a two day event and there will be some incredible Festivals happening nearby in the same weekend! Yay! The whole Shipbuilders’ Square will be transformed into a winter wonderland, filled with music, carols and the smell […]

My kids love getting mail with their name on it! It is so simple, but makes them feel very special. Can you imagine their faces if you send them a very cute and whimsical postcard like these ones? Well, just so you know, I have JUST added some new ones to my online store and I think you […]

I’ve been wanting to do a ballerina illustration for ages now, especially since Lily started taking ballet classes, around 2 years ago. It is so inspiring to go and watching a bunch of adorable little girls swirling around! So, I finally did it! You can see Lily in pigtails, but I have also included some of […]

I live in Squamish for 6 years now and I don’t know why I haven’t created an illustration featuring its gorgeous mountains before! I’ve sure been taken a lot of pictures though. 🙂 Pictures of The Chief, from many different angles, including from up there! My friend Ananda from 79 designs nailed it! So, here’s […]

We love having our family properly photographed from time to time, and after 5 years living in Squamish, it was finally time to have a session here (instead of in Vancouver, where we usually have our photos taken)! I’m so glad we came across Cheryl’s work! The session with her was fun, quick and the result was […]

I’ve got great news! A couple of months ago I shared with you on Lalelilolu’s Facebook Page that I wanted to start offering some necklaces made with my designs. Well, I ordered some samples and they turned out so sweet and adorable and crazy whimsical and everyone who sees them, love them so much, that I just had […]

Since I started offering Postcards on my online shop and markets, that they have been a huge success! These whimsical and sweet postcards are perfect to surprise the little ones with a love message. I remember how exciting it was to receive a letter by mail when I was a child and I notice now, how happy […]

I can´t believe the summer break is over! Nicolas is now back to school…   Lily is starting preschool… And I can finally catch up with my drawings! Yay! So, I’m now resuming an old project: a poster to record baby’s first animal words. Whale in Portuguese is Baleia and Turtle is Tartaruga, but Lily until […]

I’ve been wanting to create a growth chart for a long time. Now that I managed to do the first one, I can finally stop keeping track of my kids growth directly on the wall! 🙂 HOW IT WORKS SCALE: It starts at 20 inches and goes up to 60. Use a fine permanent marker like Sharpie […]

Há um tempo atrás, eu visitei uma amiga minha em Vancouver e caí de amores pelas paredes cobertas por papel scrapbook da casa dela. Eram tão bonitas, harmoniosas e artísticas que eu soube instantaneamente que tinha que fazer o mesmo aqui em casa! É algo tão simples e que dá tanta vida ao ambiente! Pois eis […]

A while ago I went to visit a friend of mine in Vancouver and fell in love with her stunning scrapbook papered walls. It was so beautiful and artistic that I knew instantly that I had to do the same in my house! So I did! Thanks, Andrea, for the inspiration and sharing the technique! What you will […]

So, I have decided to stop taking commissions for custom illustrations. For almost 4 years this was the main focus of Lalelilolu Studios and it was wonderful! I learned a lot and felt very honoured with the opportunity of portraying your beautiful children! Thank you so much for trusting in me! But I haven’t been able […]

Now you can find some cute Christmas cards for download in my shops. Either here on the website or on my Etsy Shop (instant download). “The Birds Song” – Card, envelope and gift tags Watercolor on paper. “The Bird Noel”  – Card, envelope and gift tags Watercolor on paper. “Animal Christmas Parade” – Card, envelope and 3 […]

Last Saturday I had my first opportunity to ‘go out there’ and sell my children’s art prints in a local Christmas Fair! It was a magical event for families at Cedar Valley Waldorf School in Squamish and I was SO happy to be part of it! It was priceless to watch the reaction of kids and grown ups […]

Fazer carimbos de borracha tem sido um dos meus hobbies favoritos ultimamente! Por isso, queria dividir com você a minha técnica, pois vai que você acaba se divertindo tanto quanto eu, né? Sem falar, que além de ser gostoso pra quem faz, também é divertido pra quem brinca – aqui em casa as crianças adoram! 🙂 Do que você […]

Designing and carving stamps has been one of my favourite hobbies lately. That’s why I’m happy to share with you how I make them, so you may end up having as much fun as I do! Besides being a very cool hobby, the stamps are also great for the kids to play with. What you will need: White rubber erasers […]

I created this image right after the match that Brazil lost against Germany by 7×1. I only shared the Portuguese version publicly and for my greatest surprise it went viral in a few hours, shared by thousands and thousands of people all over the internet for many days. It was even mentioned by Fox Sports Brasil as one of […]

Above, this is how a Brazilian feels before any game of the World Cup. And this is how a Brazilian feels after a match like Brazil x Germany: (this image went viral here!) PS: Despite my frustration to watch my team losing a game like that, I feel very sad to see how many people […]

Wanna hear some cool news? These cute postcards have just arrived to my store!! I love them especially when they’re framed, don’t you too? Now, what surprised me the most was the MANY people who are loving these news! Look! Crazy, huh? To buy them too, just head to my Etsy Store! It’s limited edition! […]

Dear all, Who has been following me on Facebook must have noticed that it’s been a while since I started creating the illustrations for the  Number Series Poster. Well, I’m glad to announce that I have finally finished them! Yay! The theme is Toys and the final poster comes in two versions: – One with […]

I’ve got some great news! I’m excited to tell you that besides the current sizes of 8.5 x 11″ and 11 x 14, I’m now offering 5 x 7 mini-prints! They are cheaper and cuter. You can’t possibly go wrong with these beauties. 🙂 To purchase them, just choose from “dimensions” drop down on my […]

Now the packages I use to ship the prints are getting even more special! Besides the cute stickers I usually put on each one, I’m also creating these super cute rubber stamps to decorate them. It’s pure love! 🙂 And I can’t believe I never carved erasers before! It is so much fun I could spend a […]

It’s been a while now since I started to think about ways to help people or a cause through my business. I left Brazil over 10 ago, but I owe a lot of what I am to my roots. I had a poor childhood myself, but with lots of opportunities to be creative, and would […]

My son has been asking me to build a Fairy Garden for months. He goes to a school where Fairy Gardens are becoming very popular and many of this friends (boys and girls) have one at home. Now that the spring has come, we decided to start one! These gardens are whimsical miniature landscapes, built […]

Last month I ran on my personal blog a giveaway to win two of my prints. The winner chose the Princess and Dinosaur Art Prints. Before handing them out to her, I took a few pictures of one of my favourite parts of my business: printing and packaging. I just love to see the illustrations coming […]

Homemade playdough

March 20, 2014 DIY

It’s Spring Break here, so every day I’m trying to come up with different activities to keep the kids busy and happy, so I get to work a little bit. One of our favourite things is cooking together, so nothing better than cook some play dough, so they can keep playing after the dough is […]

I have always wanted to do an illustration with the circus theme. I’m not fan of performances with animals, but illustration is different, right? It can be cute and magical without hurting anyone. That’s why I was thrilled when Rafael’s mom suggested a circus illustration. Rafael is only 1 year old and as most children, […]

Meet the bear family! I’m very proud to introduce you this fun and cuddly family that can be customized according to your own family, regardless of how it is! Two dads, two moms, single dad,  single mom, only child, many children, cat, dog, bird. Doesn’t matter. Just tell me how your family looks like and […]

I’m back drawing on pictures! To participate, just post a picture of your child on my fanpage’s timeline. Every Wednesday I’m going to pick the one the inspires me the most, draw some cute drawings on it and post it on Thursday. Are you in? 🙂

Elena & Sophia These two beautiful little girls are the joy of the Baianos living in Canada (who I had the pleasure of getting to know a few months ago). Elena is sensitive, a bit shy and very creative. Sophia is the youngest, very curious, playful and loves some action. They both love ice skating and that’s […]

I’ve been busy packing orders lately (thank you!!), since so many people are taking advantage of my latest promotion: buy 3 art prints and get 1 for free. The family collection has been one of the favourites. (Note that if you want to add your child’s name to any print, just send me a message […]

To my great surprise and disappointment, I have seen a growing number of blogs and fanpages using images of artists or photographers to illustrate their posts, but instead of giving credit to the creators, they give credit to Google, Pinterest, Flickr or Facebook. People, that’s the same as quoting the passage from a book but […]

  Desde que meu scanner estragou que passei a tirar fotos dos meus desenhos à lápis pra passá-los pro computador. Acontece, que tosca como sou, tenho usado meu celular mesmo. Pois é, eu sei, tosquíssimo. E como muitas vezes mando esses esboços diretamente pro cliente revisar, tenho que ativar todos os meus conhecimentos photoshopísticos a […]

Since my scanner has broken I’ve been taking crappy pictures of my sketches with my cellphone, so I can redraw the lines on Photoshop. They look fine for me (please, don’t judge me), but when I have to send a sketch out to a client, there is no chance I can send them like that, […]

Você acredita em astrologia? Eu pessoalmente não vejo muito fundamento e nunca fui de ler previsões de horóscopo, mas sempre me diverti horrores lendo as características dos signos e analisando o que bate, o que não bate, rindo dos amigos e de mim mesma. E apesar de não ser muito científico, é algo que fascina […]

Do you believe in astrology? I personally don’t, but I admit that I have loads of fun reading the characteristics and personality of each sign sometimes. Even though it’s not very scientific, zodiac has always fascinated a lot of people, right? That’s why I wanted to create a drawing of each zodiacal sign, but making a […]

Pra você que gosta de fazer seus próprios cartões de Natal no conforto do seu lar e tornar essa data ainda mais pessoal e divertida, está disponível na minha loja o kit que inclui um cartão com bichinhos fofinhos, envelope combinando, mais lindas tags pra presentes. Tudo bem baratinho e em PDF pra baixar e […]

If you enjoy making your own cards and tags in the comfort of you home, you can find this cute DIY Christmas card with matching envelope and tags in my Etsy Store for instant download (in English). CLICK HERE TO BUY CLICK HERE TO BUY

Helena is just over 1 year and a half, is very easy-going, happy  and loves dancing. She loves animals, books and is super fan of Sullivan, the main character in Monsters, Inc. Her mom asked me to create a light hearted and colourful illustration, avoiding the so cliche pink for girls. To give it a […]

Life is full of phases. Every time we start do get used to one, another phase comes right behind and makes us rethink and adapt to it all over again. But they can be especially intense and tricky when we have children, right? About three months ago I started the 365 Drawing Project. First, because […]

(sorry, this post blog was written in Portuguese only, since it runs a giveaway of an Animal Alphabet in Portuguese and I thought it might not interest you) Coisa boa é anunciar novidades, né gente? Ainda mais quando a novidade é educativa e ainda tem o potencial de deixar os quartinhos das crianças mais bonitos! […]

She is 3, he’s almost 2. She is more of a shy and private child, he is outgoing and straighforward. She is loving and sensitive, he is proud and adventurous. They’re opposites, but very companions, as told me their mom. They’re cute, huh? The two illustrations are complementary, with both expressing freedom, outdoor play and […]

I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while now: one of my illustrations is now available as a wall sticker! Isn’t that cool? You can find the Bear Family Wall Sticker at Mimo Infantil (a Brazilian store). 🙂

Eu sei que hoje em dia a loucura é tanta, que mal passou o dia das crianças e as lojas logo se enfeitam pro Natal. Mas morando no Canadá, o que me faz começar a pensar no Natal não são necessariamente as lojas, mas o frio que aperta, os dias que são cada vez mais […]

These days the Christmas season gets so crazy that the stores get all decorated and ready for the holidays many months ahead. But here in Canada, what makes me start to think about Christmas already are the cold, crisp and shorter days and the mountain tops all starting to change to white with the snow. […]

A couple of weeks ago I asked my son what he wanted to do to spend a fabulous 5th birthday and he said quickly “I want to eat cake and play with my friends”. So, the playdate with cake was born. Perfect for him, easier for me. And because he is so into pirate stuff […]

This is another custom illustration I managed to create this year. It was really fun to fill up this blog header with so many cute details with everything Tom likes the most. You can see HERE the first blog header I did for his mom, by the time Tom was just a baby. This little […]

Gael is a very loving, cute and smily little boy who loves animals. He’s 3 years old and his favourite activities are playing with his dogs and going to the beach. His mom asked me to create two illustrations. One, showing him with his favourite buddies playing outside. And another one portraying Gael playing in […]

I told you I would post the last drawings every Friday, but I just realized that is too much at the moment. So, I decided to post once every 30 images. Bellow you’ll find the link to where to purchase each drawing. Thanks for your support! 1. Art Print Friends – The very first one. […]

I could hardly wait to show this illustration to you all. It’s one of my favourite ones so far and got me inspired to simplify my drawings and try something new. Because of it I started the #365drawingproject. This illustration was created especially for Máxima, a very active and bright 5 year old girl, whose […]

I’ve been meaning to show you these illustrations for a while now. Above, my dear cousin who just got married to Pablo and are the most smily couple I’ve ever met. They used the illustration to make a very cute and original invitation for their wedding. Rita is a friend of mine who also live […]

It’s not been so easy to keep up with daily drawings besides my regular commissions, but I’m really enjoying the process! Thanks to all who have been supporting me so far! This blog post gathers the first illustrations of this marathon. Soon, some of them will be available on my Etsy Shop! What’s your favourite […]

I’m going through an artistic crisis. 🙂 This is not something new, though – I actually go through phases like that a lot. I believe there’s nothing better than these crisis for me to revaluate where my style is going to and whether it reflects what I am or not. I’ve never believed that the […]

(sorry, this particular blog post was written only in Portuguese) Gente, eu não sei como seria minha vida de expatriada se não fosse a dona internet. Pra começar, é por causa dela que consigo ter meu negócio em casa, ter clientes em várias partes do mundo e acesso às novidades. Mas o lado mais importante, […]

Custom illustration – Leticia Mirtes is a very special client to me and a blogger I admire. The first illustration I created for her was about 2 years ago, when her little girl Leticia was about to turn 5. I recently had the pleasure to work with her again, but this time round, she asked me to […]

Matheus and his trains This is another custom illustration, created especially for a 3 year old boy who loves trains. I was really lucky for being able to rely on the expertise of another little fellow who is also fascinated by trains and that plays everyday by my side while I work: my 4 year […]

Lovely clients and my illustrations It’s been a while since I’ve  been meaning to show you the Customer’s Corner. I just love when my clients take their time to send me photos showing illustrations I created decorating a room. My heart fills up with love and joy!  Look at Adriana’s office and tell me it isn’t […]

It’s been a while since I’ve  been meaning to show you the Customer’s Corner. I just love when my clients take their time to send me photos showing illustrations I created decorating a room. My heart fills up with love and joy! Look at Adriana’s office and tell me it isn’t one of the most beautiful […]

Custom Illustration – Pretty little girls Each child I portray is unique and special. I love getting to know their personalities, likings and staring at their pictures long before starting to sketch.This way I feel that I know them well enough to draw them in any pose or context that comes to my mind. Sut-Mie […]

Custom Illustration – The boy and his guitar This handsome boy is the twin brother of the cutie on the last post. I’ve been told (and I assure you the source is very reliable!) that he is incredibly funny, bright and with a gift for words. And also, that he likes a good adventure, enjoys […]

I’ve had this project in mind for quite some time. I wanted to portrait parents and children in a cute way and especially, showing a lot of love and sweetness. These three art prints are just the first ones. You can find them in many background colours to choose from and then, coordinate them as […]

Custom Illustration – The girl and her horse This beautiful and smiling little girl with incredibly expressive blue eyes loves dogs, horses, gymnastics, singing and poetry. Unlike most girls, she doesn’t like dresses, dolls or things in pink, so I created an illustration that has everything she cares the most, but in neutral colours. She […]

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