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Custom Illustration – Adriana As I said before, I have decided to dedicate myself to drawing only children from this year on and the reason is that illustrating childhood is what makes me really happy. Having said that, I have to confess that I kept drawing Adriana, though – a grown up. Yep. I’m not […]

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen” Benjamin Disraeli Think of a well traveled child. Eric is just one of them. This cute little guy, who is not even 4 yet, has lived in San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, London and Calgary! […]

Photography branding Everyone who owns a business knows how it’s important to have a logo and website that reflect who we are and what we do, and how this can keep us motivated to create. I have been working with the photographer Thais Viçoso for some time now, trying to redesign her brand. The old […]

This is an illustration I created with all my heart for a friend of mine. It was done for her blog header and each detail in the illustration mean something really special for her. Simplicity. Imagination. Tranquility. Longing. Love. Harmony. (Her son Nicolas, my biggest inspiration for doing this drawing!) Visit her blog (click here) […]

Oliver Jeffers

February 27, 2013 Personal

I’m sorry for those who can’t understand Portuguese, but today I have no time to translate the full post. I’m just saying that I’m thrilled that I recently had the opportunity to meet one of my favourite storytellers in a breakfast organized by the VCLR in Vancouver. It was awesome and I feel more inspired […]

Apesar da agenda pra Ilustrações Personalizadas estar esgotada até Dezembro (obrigada, pessoal!), eu continuo aceitando pedidos pra Enfofuramento de Fotos a qualquer momento. Estas foram algumas das últimas fotos enfofuradas. A primeira, do Thomas, um menininho que logo vai completar 3 aninhos e anda encantado com a história do Lobo Mau e os Três Porquinhos. E a […]

Even though all the spots to get a Custom Illustration in 2013 are sold out (thanks you all!), you can still get a picture of your children “through the Photo Cute Machine”. These are some of the latest I have done. The first one shows Thomas, a little boy who is about to turn 3 and loves […]

A while back I shared the sketch of this image above here. In the initial idea, the little girl was surrounded by autumn leaves and that’s why you can see some on her hair. Sometime later, I came across the sketch in a drawer and as it was mid summer in Canada, I couldn’t stop thinking that […]

One of my goals for this year is to create more illustrations to go with the ones I already have in the store, as I have been receiving lots of requests to do so. When it’s possible, I’ve adapted one or more images, so they can go together. A few months ago a customer asked […]

This gorgeous little one has just turned 4 and is an extremely happy girl. Her mom told me she is very caring, loves playing with other children and her favourite game is to dress up as Cinderella, pretend losing her glass shoe and walk around looking for it – which she calls the “glass slipper”. […]

I created this illustration for a friend who I had the pleasure to work with, 6 years ago, in Venezuela. I used to work as a geologist by then and we were part of a large group of expats. I remember Lowri was just a little girl, not much older than 1, and still can’t […]

Depois de uma longa semana esperando ansiosamente pela recuperação do meu website que foi hackeado (dá pra acreditar?), voltamos felizes da vida com um sorteio! A imagem acima foi um Enfofuramento de Foto que fiz pra Celi, a mamãe desses três meninos lindos, pra ilustrar um post dela falando da polêmica do até onde é […]

Hi there! Many of you might be still enjoying your vacations, but around here we slowing getting back to our routine. How was your Christmas? Ours was very good: simple, few presents and just the four of us. I remember that when I lived in Brazil or Australia, Chistmas time meant, among other things, light […]

Happy New Year!

December 28, 2012 Holidays

“The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.” I wish you a great 2013, with lots of fun and laughter! PS: drawing created by my 4 year old son

Despite our love for Canada’s cold weather we decided to sneak out and spend some days on the beach! It will a first for Lily and I’m sure Nicolas will enjoy it a lot. Well, me too.:) So, just to let you know that between December 15th and 27th, the online shop will be closed, […]

2012 Xmas Card

December 10, 2012 Holidays

I can’t believe I’ve managed to create a Christmas card for this year. I did it with my son: he would tell me which animals he wanted me to draw and I kept drawing. It’s a printable card and comes in English too. You can find it HERE.

Nic & Lily

December 7, 2012 Personal

I can’t believe it’s December already and that my first year with two kids is about to end! I haven’t got much work done, that’s true, but who would guess I would have a new website by now? I have lots to celebrate! Lily is 10 months old and can already say mamma. Wasn’t she […]

Sofia is a little girl who pretends being an astronaut. She loves the moon, Laika, the dog and little aliens. Her mom was the winner of the last giveaway and that’s what se asked me to create: an illustration portraying this special moment of Sofia’s childhood. “I keep thinking that by the age of 20, […]

UPDATE: SOLD OUT Hi there! Thought I should give you a heads up, so that you know I’m offering Custom illustrations of your children again. Yay! I’ve committed myself to three spots each month, from January through December 2013, so hurry up! To book your spot, please, go to my Etsy Store and make the […]

Thought I should let you know that from next Wednesday, 28th, I’ll be setting up a list of those who are interested in having a custom illustration of their children in the next year. So, stay tuned! For now, feel free to grab these illustrations I did last month for an activity with Brazilian children […]

I just want to let you know that EVERYTHING on my Etsy Store is 15% off on this Black Friday. Yeah, I said everything: art prints, printable PDFs, tutus and even the Cute Photo Machine. Please, use the code FRIDAYLU on my ETSY STORE to receive your discount.

I’m pretty aware of the challenges of starting off a new enterprise. It takes a lot of courage, planning, love for what you do, hard work, money and of course, a LOGO. The good news is that I would love to help you creating the logo that will represent your new venture, and for a […]

This is one of the most popular items in the store: printable DIY party decoration. Nutcracker is the first theme I offer and it was designed with the illustrations I did last year for Guigo’s birthday party, plus some other new ones I created especially for the kit. Each kit contain 6 types of cupcakes […]

The Cute Photo Machine was created to make the pictures of your children look whimsical and even cuter. I’ve been having so much fun drawing cute things over pictures of my own family, that it’s just being hard to stop! Every photo I take I want to put through the Cute Photo Machine. I’m helpless!:) […]

I’d like to thank all those who have taken some time to leave me feedback. You can’t see me, but I guarantee I look pretty happy! 🙂 And while we have a giveaway going on, I’ll tell about the new goodies around here. You may have noticed that I love to illustrate simple moments of […]

So, how about celebrating this website launching with a giveaway? You can win a custom illustration of ONE child with the background elements of your choice. To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment here or on my Facebook page, telling me what you like the most in my store. Entries end on MONDAY, November […]

Hi there! After such a long time, I’m back and super excited to introduce you my new website! Yay! Have you noticed that the name lalelilolu illustration has changed to lalelilolu studios? Well, that’s part of the news! I have so much to tell you, that I’ll be posting about the new features and products […]

Priscila was the winner of the last giveaway. The idea was for her to send me a picture of her son Dudu, so I could put it through my “Cute Photo Machine” by adding cute elements to it. She told me everything he likes at his current age: his stuffed little horse, his black cat, […]

Hi there! I’ve been crazy about doing digital drawings on pictures of my kids lately. Look at my last post, so you’ll have an idea. It’s addicting! So, what about having a picture of your kid(s) decorated with an illustration too? It’s simple: just tell me in a comment below the name of your kid (if you have […]

Should I tell you or not? Yes or not? Okay, I’ll do. Soon, lalelilolu is going to have a brand new website! Yay! I can’t wait to show you how beautiful it’s turning out. Along with the website there will be a lot of changes and good surprises too. For the moment I just came […]

Silvinha and her husband Sebastiao live surrounded by cute animals – three cats and a golden parakeet. They are also expecting a baby, named Matheus. See that little arm coming out of that egg? That’s him. 🙂 This illustration is featuring the header of Silvinha’s blog “Aconchegando” (Snuggling up).

Xav appeared here a couple of weeks ago swimming on the back of a turtle. And here he goes again! But this time, flying an old fashioned plane on the company of his beloved teddy bear. His mom asked me to do the illustration similar to Adventures on a Rocket, a painting I did for […]

This is another illustration my friend Dri asked me to create – a very special gift to her beloved husband for their 11 year anniversary. As he loves taking part in rally races, nothing better than a drawing of both in a rally car with her by his side still looking at him in a […]

I just love doing playful illustrations! The undersea world is one of my favourite themes, especially when it involves a little boy with such expressive eyes, swimming on the back of a cute turtle! This illustration is going to Australia and was done with all my heart to Jen, mom of Xav.

Pati is the mother of Pedro and is now expecting Felipe (congratulations!). Last year she asked me to create an illustration about her life in different countries and her many discoveries. It all began in 2009 when she traded her insane life in São Paulo for a New Life in the Old World. She first […]

Those illustration were done for my dear friend Taís asked me to create some illustrations to decorate Maitê‘s second birthday party. The theme was “Bees” and you can see by the pictures that everything turned out really, really cute! The pictures were taken by Camila Coura and the decoration was made by Festeggiare Bambini News […]

Leticia is a gorgeous little girl who just turned 5 and has lots of fun dancing ballet. That’s why the theme of her birthday party was “ballerina”. And as the intention was to throw a simple and fun party, Leticia’s mom didn’t want the illustration to be sophisticated, but relaxed and sweet instead. So she […]

Nothing better than start off the new year with an illustration full of rhythm! This is Cíntia, mom of Bia and personal trainer who lives in Stockholm. Full of dreams and pretty determined to chase them, she recently got an opportunity to work in a very competitive fitness center. This illustration was created to represent […]

Hope you all have had a lovely Christmas time! Around here everything is just great, especially because my mother is here and will be with us long after Lily is born (hooray!). And in order to spend some quality time with her, I walked away from my computer! I just came quickly to post one […]

Lately, I have been reusing several illustrations of mine to make new things, which doesn’t mean they can’t have a personal touch or turn up to be very cute.A good example is Érica, who asked me to adapt an illustration from my shop (this one HERE) to make a mini-cd sticker, so she could use […]

So I’m 8 months pregnant now, and although I’m not getting any lighter, I still feel pretty great. Of course, as the end of the year approaches and brings all its activities, I have had little time to draw. At the moment I have finished all the custom illustrations I had for this year and […]

The inspiration for the first illustration I created for Fernanda came after a sleepless night she had. This second time she wanted an illustration for her new blog about craft and who had an inspiration after a sleepless night was me. 😀 The illustration should show all the beautiful things Fernanda makes: cupcakes, candies, crafts […]

Once more I had the honor of working with Dani and Flavia, and this time on a terrific project that aims to encourage consumer awareness by sharing toys – instead of buying new toys, you rent them, and receive a different toy every month or so in your home. Doesn’t it sound great? Dani created […]

Look who has changed her clothes again! Yeah, that’s Dri, who is now dressed and ready for the Brazilian summer. I’m just loving it, because it feels like playing with a doll, you know? Different season, different clothes! 😀 Click HERE to check out the new header for her blog. And besides that refreshing summer […]

I’m gonna tell you a secret: if you want to get me truly inspired, just ask me to draw a child in a very simple, playful and spontaneous scenario. It’s simple as that. But if you want do even better, add at least one cute animal and maybe a doll, and you can be sure […]

This is a custom illustration done especially for my great friend Simone, mom of Yann, an adorable little boy. Yann is going though that cute stage when they love imitating the sounds that animals make, so she wanted an illustration showing him surrounded by birds, a dog, a cat, chickens and butterflies. Of course I […]

I’ve never been very photogenic nor had had a professional photo session before. But when I came across the amazing artwork of Belle Meinerz, from Vancouver, and then I found out I was pregnant again, I was sure that the time to give it try had come. The photo session happened last week when I […]

One more baby-blog was born in the blogosphere! I didn’t help as a midwife nor as a doula, but I’m proud to say I made part of the baby’s outfit. :D< Mom Beatriz is well and ready to have some visitors! Go pay her a visit, but shhhh, careful not to wake the baby, okay?

What do you think of a birthday party all decorated with the Nutcracker theme? Beautiful, magical and original, isn’t it? Daniella planned a Nutcracker themed party for her son’s second birthday and asked me to do the illustrations to be used in the decoration. They were: three differently dressed soldiers for the cupcake toppers. One […]


October 14, 2011 Kids Art Prints

Hi there! It’s been nearly a month since I last posted here, it’s such a long time! But this is because there are many things here going on at the same time: Nicolas is about to turn 3, so I’ve been busy with the preparations for his birthday party, I’m participating in activities for pregnant […]

Everybody in my family is a bit of an artist. Some can paint, some can draw, knit, crochet, embroider and do all sort of cute things. My cousin Natanael, who is actually more of a brother to me, has always been good with drawings. And now, that he is about to become a daddy, he […]

Dani writes the blog “Viagens de Primeira Viagem“, is mom of this gorgeous little girl named Laura and asked me to illustrate her lovely family. She told me the illustration has been printed, framed and is now a great success decorating the wall of their house. I loved to hear that! Thanks, Dani!

:: ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY – LIMITES :: NEW ITEMS FOR THE SHOP – I’ve been full of new ideas and projects lately, and today I just wanted to show you my new illustrations inspired by a big passion: the dolls created by the talented hands of Fabiluli Dolls and Toys. Her Waldorf fairy dolls are so […]

Dri is more than a special client. She has already asked me to create an illustration for her oldest son, illustrations of herself in different clothes, an illustration of everything that’s in her handbag (it’s a lot!) and has been illustrated as a well travelled tourist. But she still wanted some more illustrations, so her […]


September 6, 2011 Custom Illustrations

This stunning little girl with such beautiful eyes is Clara. Her mom Priscila asked me to create a special illustration to decorate her room and in order to inspire me she sent me gorgeous photos of her daughter. She also asked me to include a cute little bird and her beloved puppy. Isn’t she too […]

I’ve been meaning to change the blog’s header for a long time and this time has finally come! I think I was just a little reluctant to change it because of the special affection I have for the previous drawing, which happened to be the first one I did to start off lalelilolu, last November […]

Gabi is one of those people, who just like me, loves travelling around the world. So, she asked me to create an illustration that could tell their lovely itinerant story, but in a very playful way. This very colorful illustration shows the time they lived in Germany, then the time they felt like setting down […]

This is the header I created for Sarah, who writes the blog Mãe do Bento (Bento’s mom). She asked me to create a playful illustration with fun things of childhood, but at the same time, something that would show her bonding with her son. So, the idea she had of creating an illustration of both […]

As so many people ask me what is my working process, I’ll take advantage of the present illustration to tell you how it works from the time the client order a custom illustration until it is finished. So, come with me! 1. THE SKETCH: After the client has told me what they want and has […]

After a sleepless night, Nanda got up with a clear idea for an illustration. In this illustration she would appear holding her daughter’s hand, who would be holding her favourite doll, and next to them, her husband often very serious, wearing a lab coat, carrying lots of books and a berimbau. That once faded image […]

Adriana asked to create an illustration of her cute daughter Lívia for her first birthday party invitation. She sent me lots of pictures, including one of the dress she would be wearing at the party. The party would have a Princess theme with colours green and pink. I loved the description she gave me and […]

This is an illustration created especially for Guilherme, “a nearly 2 year boy who loves animals, is full of personality and is very affectionate” – according to his mom Flavia. Then, I saw the picture of him on a farm and figured it would be nice to have a drawing of him feeding some cute […]

Dri is a very creative girl who is always coming up with something new. The first time, she asked me to create a cute illustration of her wearing this gorgeous dress and holding a caramel purse for her blog about fashion, Bolsinha da Dri (Dri’s purse). Now she’s back, with this brilliant idea of changing […]

Can you feel a delicious baby smell in the air? Well, there’re two good reasons for this, you know? The first is that I’m pregnant with my second child. Yay! I’m just over three months and I’m feeling pretty well. The baby belly is not showing yet, and maybe that’s why Nicolas still doesn’t quite […]

Last Christmas my son took part in a gift exchange game among bloggers and their children (Secret Santa) and got the name of a little girl from Bahia (Brazil) to whom he should send a present. We sent her a puzzle, some stickers and a drawing of her, which I did based on a tiny […]

I usually don’t post on weekends, but today is a special day! It’s the day Angela is launching her first guide, Munich and Surroundings, after 10 months of extensive research and travel. If you visither website, you’ll notice that everything has been done with love and dedication, because the guide is comprehensive, informative and very […]

Lively. Naughty. Sweet. Affectionate. Charming. Smart. And pretty, very pretty! This is Giovanna, Luciana’s daughter. Lu asked me to create an illustration of Giovanna that would sum up all about her. Then, she described her daughter with such enthusiasm that only who is a mom can understand, and also told me that Giovanna loves frogs […]

One day I received an email from Roberta saying: “Lu, I want to create a website that gathers all Brazilian maternal blogs in one place and I’m thinking of calling it ‘My mom said so!’. Could you please create an illustration of two mothers chatting, so I can use it as header?”. Of course I […]

Deborah and her daughter asked me to create an illustration for their new blog Recipe Rebuild. They found me on Etsy and they wanted the illustration to have a retro style (Anthropologie aprons, vintage colors, shading) and a touch of whimsy (couple of small birds flying around).

Once upon a time, there was this cute and creative little boy named Isaac. Isaac loved to imagine himself flying and his fantasies would often include his favourite characters – Captain Hook and the crocodile. One day, his mom, who is always encouraging his imagination, asked a certain illustrator to draw Isaac with those adventure […]

João is this super cute little boy who just turned one and enjoys imitating the animal sounds, especially the ones made by the dog, horse, lion and duck. How cute is that, huh? So, his mom Nadia, who had been wanting an illustration of João for ages (right, Nádia?), asked me to create one with […]

Extremely simple and tender. This illustration was created for dear Dani, Lorenzo’s mom, who writes the blog Nave Mamãe (Mother Ship). Who introduced me Dani was Flávia, from O Astronauta (The Astronaut), which incidentally, was the one who designed Dani’s new layout. Go check it out! And now you know: if you’re feeling your blog […]

Marina created a very nice blog with letters for her mother (who passed away when Marina was 12) telling everything about her cute 10 month old daughter Lara. The idea then, was to create a very cheerful illustration to be used as header, having Marina writing the letters and her mom watching her grandaughter’s development […]

Add a very chic dress,a cute little dog and some fashion shopping to a beautiful and charming little girl and voilà: you have the illustration of Glamourous Girl! The little girl was inspired by Duda, Ciça’s daughter. Ciça is the owner of this Bazaar online, who made me laugh a lot with her funny emails […]

Maria Luiza is an adorable little girl who is just about to turn 1. She loves butterflies, little bees and lady bugs, so the theme of her birthday party is going to be “garden”. This is the birthday invitation her mom asked me to create. It turned out very colorful and joyful, don’t you think? […]

Only people who don’t know Roberta, this hilarious girl with green eyes, would think that the illustration requested for her blog header was strange… Seriously, the whole family swinging from Rio to Singapore in a hanging vine? That is so her! And if by any chance you’ve never heard about her, go check her blog […]

Is it possible not to fall for these little fairies? I was delighted when I received the pictures (one more beautiful than the other!) with the request to do an illustration inspired by a drawing I did before for my Etsy Store. Their mom, also named Luciana, wanted the illustration to be very green, with […]

Tais is a very special friend from college who became a friend for life. Oh this is friendship! – as we used to say, right Tatá? And Maite is her daughter, who I luckily got to know the last time we’ve been to Brazil. She is so adorable and lovely, that I can only think […]

When Luci asked me to create a little girl for her I didn’t get she was actually looking for a logo for her craft brand, so I created a girl with lots of details and flowers everywhere. – Lu, it’s beautiful, but I’m actually looking for something plain! – she wrote me.:) So Marrie was […]

This is an illustration Mariana asked me to create for her so she could use it both to decorate her son’s bedroom and as her blog’s header. The illustration should somehow reflect the name of her blog. Logbook and include everything her family likes best beach, diving, traveling, spaceships, planets and photography. Wow! And as […]

Georgia (GG to her friends) is of an astonishing versatility. At the same time she leaves home beautiful and charming in a cute lace dress and head bows, she comes back all dirty from splishing and splashing in that mud puddle under the tree at the yard. And it was that mix of sweet and […]

Some people keep asking me how I do my drawings. “It’s all hand painted ?” No it is not. Well, actually, until recently it was, but then I realized that these days most artists do their illustrations in Photoshop, so I decided to purchase the software and give it a try. At first I had […]

Learning to live with differences is one of the best ways to cultivate friendships, don’t you think? And as I paint all my illustrations using Photoshop, I thought it would be nice to experiment with other colours too. So I chose a colour palette more pinkish and other one more bluish. I still prefer the […]

When I was a little girl I was often thinking of butterflies and my greatest wish would be to become one! 🙂 Now that the spring is just around the corner, I can’t help but thinking of them again… Any way, I finally did something more girly, right? 😉 Her movements gently stirred the butterflies […]

A while ago I published this illustration I created especially for my son’s bedroom wall. My intention was to test the color combinations first, but when I got to his room armed with paints and brushes, I decided to keep it simple and use basically the three main colors that were already there – blue, green and […]

I created this drawing especially for the header of my other blog – about motherhood (only in Portuguese). For a long time I’ve been wanting something very colourful on a white background, and now that I have been so madly in love with turquoise, I couldn’t resist and used this colour again, among others… 🙂 […]

Illustration Friday (IF) is a weekly illustration challenge. This is the second time I participate, but the first time I create something especially inspired by the week’s topic: “layer”. Layers in a bright dreaming world, where anything is possible… PS1: This print is also available to be purchased in my Etsy Store PS2: I also […]

My son, like any typical little boy, is always talking about trucks, rockets and trains. So, I decided to make a drawing on the wall of his bedroom containing all that he enjoys most. But since illustrating a wall is not something I do every day, I decided not take any chances and then experiment […]

You may have seen this drawing in my profile, but I just had to tell you the story behind it … That had been a hard night. My husband was traveling, Nicolas had a restless sleep and woke up several times, and in the end, I just couldn’t fall back asleep. After lying there nearly […]

I created these watercolours to decorate Nicolas’ second birthday party that happened last October. As it coincided with Halloween season I decided to play around with the theme. That’s how I came up with the idea of drawing Nicolas coming out of a giant pumpkin! 🙂 If you’re looking for a custom illustration, please head […]

During the five years I worked as a geologist, I’d love to represent my ideas through sketches, which I’d draw first on paper, then colour them digitally. I just loved doing that! Now, I’m happy to do the same thing, only with cute and cuddly little animals. The illustrations above are prints designed for Mamma […]

I’ll start off posting my first drawings of Nicolas, when I was starting to warm up my fingers and pencils. At this time, we lived in Australia and after several years without practicing, I felt it was much harder to capture features, movements and define my own style.


November 9, 2010 Personal

I have finally created a blog for my illustrations! Hooray! Let me start by introducing myself first. My name is Luciana, but you can call me just Lu (or Luh). I am married to my sweet husband Rafael and have an active little boy named Nicolas. I am originally from Brazil but I currently live […]

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