I was in the car with Nicolas and Lily waiting for their dad to arrive, but he wouldn’t get there for 10 more minutes. Nicolas was staring at the clock with an anxious look. “Mom, I believe this clock is broken. The time won’t pass! Why you don’t buy the same clock they have at […]

I’m in the shower and Nic comes quickly to tell me that Lily was playing with my computer. ME: Go tell her to stop, please! NIC: I told her so, but she said that she is mommy now. ME: Well, so tell her that it can’t be possible, since mommy is in the shower. NIC: […]

I’m trying to sketch more frequently now, so I thought it would be nice to register the little things in life. I’ll keep posting them here if you like it! It’s summer time. Lily woke up early and was anxious to play with her brother, who was still sleeping. Then, she comes to me almost […]

Hi! After a long pause without my computer and now, busy having my kids full time on summer break, I’m back here to show you what I’ve been up to these days. This is a family sketch – and I’m really hoping I’ll manage to turn this into a huge painting for my house this […]

Good news, everyone! I’m happy to say that you can now find my art wall and pendants at the local shop Kaos Kids, located in downtown Squamish! This is my favourite kids store in town with the best selection of quality toys, clothes and accessories, so I’m proud to be able to walk in and see my […]