Is it possible not to fall for these little fairies? I was delighted when I received the pictures (one more beautiful than the other!) with the request to do an illustration inspired by a drawing I did before for my Etsy Store. Their mom, also named Luciana, wanted the illustration to be very green, with […]

Tais is a very special friend from college who became a friend for life. Oh this is friendship! – as we used to say, right Tatá? And Maite is her daughter, who I luckily got to know the last time we’ve been to Brazil. She is so adorable and lovely, that I can only think […]

When Luci asked me to create a little girl for her I didn’t get she was actually looking for a logo for her craft brand, so I created a girl with lots of details and flowers everywhere. – Lu, it’s beautiful, but I’m actually looking for something plain! – she wrote me.:) So Marrie was […]

This is an illustration Mariana asked me to create for her so she could use it both to decorate her son’s bedroom and as her blog’s header. The illustration should somehow reflect the name of her blog. Logbook and include everything her family likes best beach, diving, traveling, spaceships, planets and photography. Wow! And as […]

Georgia (GG to her friends) is of an astonishing versatility. At the same time she leaves home beautiful and charming in a cute lace dress and head bows, she comes back all dirty from splishing and splashing in that mud puddle under the tree at the yard. And it was that mix of sweet and […]

Some people keep asking me how I do my drawings. “It’s all hand painted ?” No it is not. Well, actually, until recently it was, but then I realized that these days most artists do their illustrations in Photoshop, so I decided to purchase the software and give it a try. At first I had […]

Learning to live with differences is one of the best ways to cultivate friendships, don’t you think? And as I paint all my illustrations using Photoshop, I thought it would be nice to experiment with other colours too. So I chose a colour palette more pinkish and other one more bluish. I still prefer the […]

When I was a little girl I was often thinking of butterflies and my greatest wish would be to become one! 🙂 Now that the spring is just around the corner, I can’t help but thinking of them again… Any way, I finally did something more girly, right? 😉 Her movements gently stirred the butterflies […]