A while ago I published this illustration I created especially for my son’s bedroom wall. My intention was to test the color combinations first, but when I got to his room armed with paints and brushes, I decided to keep it simple and use basically the three main colors that were already there – blue, green and […]

I created this drawing especially for the header of my other blog – about motherhood (only in Portuguese). For a long time I’ve been wanting something very colourful on a white background, and now that I have been so madly in love with turquoise, I couldn’t resist and used this colour again, among others… 🙂 […]

Illustration Friday (IF) is a weekly illustration challenge. This is the second time I participate, but the first time I create something especially inspired by the week’s topic: “layer”. Layers in a bright dreaming world, where anything is possible… PS1: This print is also available to be purchased in my Etsy Store PS2: I also […]

My son, like any typical little boy, is always talking about trucks, rockets and trains. So, I decided to make a drawing on the wall of his bedroom containing all that he enjoys most. But since illustrating a wall is not something I do every day, I decided not take any chances and then experiment […]

Olha só que coisa mais linda essa bonequinha com a bolsinha! Mas devo acrescentar que ainda mais linda que ela só mesmo a modelo dessa boneca – a Dri, que é um amor de pessoa. A Dri me pediu pra fazer duas ilustrações pra dar uma cara nova ao blog dela. Uma foi o cabeçalho […]

You may have seen this drawing in my profile, but I just had to tell you the story behind it … That had been a hard night. My husband was traveling, Nicolas had a restless sleep and woke up several times, and in the end, I just couldn’t fall back asleep. After lying there nearly […]

I created these watercolours to decorate Nicolas’ second birthday party that happened last October. As it coincided with Halloween season I decided to play around with the theme. That’s how I came up with the idea of drawing Nicolas coming out of a giant pumpkin! 🙂 If you’re looking for a custom illustration, please head […]

Bichinhos fofinhos

December 1, 2010

Nos cinco anos que eu trabalhei como geóloga, adorava poder representar minhas ideias através de desenhos, que eu primeiro fazia à mão, pra depois colorir digitalmente e usar nas apresentações. Eu amava fazer isso. E agora estou feliz por poder fazer a mesma coisa, só que com bichinhos fofinhos e engraçadinhos. Estes foram feitos pras […]