During the five years I worked as a geologist, I’d love to represent my ideas through sketches, which I’d draw first on paper, then colour them digitally. I just loved doing that! Now, I’m happy to do the same thing, only with cute and cuddly little animals. The illustrations above are prints designed for Mamma […]

I’ll start off posting my first drawings of Nicolas, when I was starting to warm up my fingers and pencils. At this time, we lived in Australia and after several years without practicing, I felt it was much harder to capture features, movements and define my own style.

Por fim, eis um cantinho só pras minhas ilustrações! Oba! Pra quem não me conhece, meu nome é Luciana, mas pode me chamar de Lu. Sou casada com o Rafa e tenho um menininho de 2 anos bastante ativo e carinhoso chamado Nicolas, do qual estou sempre falando no meu blog sobre maternidade. Atualmente, moramos […]


November 9, 2010 Personal

I have finally created a blog for my illustrations! Hooray! Let me start by introducing myself first. My name is Luciana, but you can call me just Lu (or Luh). I am married to my sweet husband Rafael and have an active little boy named Nicolas. I am originally from Brazil but I currently live […]