Hi! After a long pause without my computer and now, busy having my kids full time on summer break, I’m back here to show you what I’ve been up to these days. This is a family sketch – and I’m really hoping I’ll manage to turn this into a huge painting for my house this […]

Life is full of phases. Every time we start do get used to one, another phase comes right behind and makes us rethink and adapt to it all over again. But they can be especially intense and tricky when we have children, right? About three months ago I started the 365 Drawing Project. First, because […]

(sorry, this post blog was written in Portuguese only, since it runs a giveaway of an Animal Alphabet in Portuguese and I thought it might not interest you) Coisa boa é anunciar novidades, né gente? Ainda mais quando a novidade é educativa e ainda tem o potencial de deixar os quartinhos das crianças mais bonitos! […]

She is 3, he’s almost 2. She is more of a shy and private child, he is outgoing and straighforward. She is loving and sensitive, he is proud and adventurous. They’re opposites, but very companions, as told me their mom. They’re cute, huh? The two illustrations are complementary, with both expressing freedom, outdoor play and […]

A couple of weeks ago I asked my son what he wanted to do to spend a fabulous 5th birthday and he said quickly “I want to eat cake and play with my friends”. So, the playdate with cake was born. Perfect for him, easier for me. And because he is so into pirate stuff […]

This is another custom illustration I managed to create this year. It was really fun to fill up this blog header with so many cute details with everything Tom likes the most. You can see HERE the first blog header I did for his mom, by the time Tom was just a baby. This little […]

Gael is a very loving, cute and smily little boy who loves animals. He’s 3 years old and his favourite activities are playing with his dogs and going to the beach. His mom asked me to create two illustrations. One, showing him with his favourite buddies playing outside. And another one portraying Gael playing in […]

I told you I would post the last drawings every Friday, but I just realized that is too much at the moment. So, I decided to post once every 30 images. Bellow you’ll find the link to where to purchase each drawing. Thanks for your support! 1. Art Print Friends – The very first one. […]

I could hardly wait to show this illustration to you all. It’s one of my favourite ones so far and got me inspired to simplify my drawings and try something new. Because of it I started the #365drawingproject. This illustration was created especially for Máxima, a very active and bright 5 year old girl, whose […]

It’s not been so easy to keep up with daily drawings besides my regular commissions, but I’m really enjoying the process! Thanks to all who have been supporting me so far! This blog post gathers the first illustrations of this marathon. Soon, some of them will be available on my Etsy Shop! What’s your favourite […]

I’m going through an artistic crisis. 🙂 This is not something new, though – I actually go through phases like that a lot. I believe there’s nothing better than these crisis for me to revaluate where my style is going to and whether it reflects what I am or not. I’ve never believed that the […]