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This illustration is a combination of inspirations… As usual, it was inspired by my kids playing with each other, but it’s also inspired by my own childhood memories. I remember the summer nights back in Brazil when I’d have so much fun chasing fireflies with my siblings and cousins! I’d love my kids to see […]

Dedicated to the little readers out there who have extraordinary experiences every time they’ve got a book on their hands! Available on my Etsy Shop. Enjoy 30%off until Dec 8th. ————- Lily: Mom, I love this drawing! But how did this happen? Me: You see… the string got all tangled up around the little girl’s […]

I’ve been wanting to do a ballerina illustration for ages now, especially since Lily started taking ballet classes, around 2 years ago. It is so inspiring to go and watching a bunch of adorable little girls swirling around! So, I finally did it! You can see Lily in pigtails, but I have also included some of […]

I live in Squamish for 6 years now and I don’t know why I haven’t created an illustration featuring its gorgeous mountains before! I’ve sure been taken a lot of pictures though. 🙂 Pictures of The Chief, from many different angles, including from up there! My friend Ananda from 79 designs nailed it! So, here’s […]

I can´t believe the summer break is over! Nicolas is now back to school…   Lily is starting preschool… And I can finally catch up with my drawings! Yay! So, I’m now resuming an old project: a poster to record baby’s first animal words. Whale in Portuguese is Baleia and Turtle is Tartaruga, but Lily until […]

Last Saturday I had my first opportunity to ‘go out there’ and sell my children’s art prints in a local Christmas Fair! It was a magical event for families at Cedar Valley Waldorf School in Squamish and I was SO happy to be part of it! It was priceless to watch the reaction of kids and grown ups […]

Wanna hear some cool news? These cute postcards have just arrived to my store!! I love them especially when they’re framed, don’t you too? Now, what surprised me the most was the MANY people who are loving these news! Look! Crazy, huh? To buy them too, just head to my Etsy Store! It’s limited edition! […]

Dear all, Who has been following me on Facebook must have noticed that it’s been a while since I started creating the illustrations for the  Number Series Poster. Well, I’m glad to announce that I have finally finished them! Yay! The theme is Toys and the final poster comes in two versions: – One with […]

I’ve got some great news! I’m excited to tell you that besides the current sizes of 8.5 x 11″ and 11 x 14, I’m now offering 5 x 7 mini-prints! They are cheaper and cuter. You can’t possibly go wrong with these beauties. 🙂 To purchase them, just choose from “dimensions” drop down on my […]

It’s been a while now since I started to think about ways to help people or a cause through my business. I left Brazil over 10 ago, but I owe a lot of what I am to my roots. I had a poor childhood myself, but with lots of opportunities to be creative, and would […]

Last month I ran on my personal blog a giveaway to win two of my prints. The winner chose the Princess and Dinosaur Art Prints. Before handing them out to her, I took a few pictures of one of my favourite parts of my business: printing and packaging. I just love to see the illustrations coming […]

Meet the bear family! I’m very proud to introduce you this fun and cuddly family that can be customized according to your own family, regardless of how it is! Two dads, two moms, single dad,  single mom, only child, many children, cat, dog, bird. Doesn’t matter. Just tell me how your family looks like and […]

I’ve been busy packing orders lately (thank you!!), since so many people are taking advantage of my latest promotion: buy 3 art prints and get 1 for free. The family collection has been one of the favourites. (Note that if you want to add your child’s name to any print, just send me a message […]

Do you believe in astrology? I personally don’t, but I admit that I have loads of fun reading the characteristics and personality of each sign sometimes. Even though it’s not very scientific, zodiac has always fascinated a lot of people, right? That’s why I wanted to create a drawing of each zodiacal sign, but making a […]

(sorry, this post blog was written in Portuguese only, since it runs a giveaway of an Animal Alphabet in Portuguese and I thought it might not interest you) Coisa boa é anunciar novidades, né gente? Ainda mais quando a novidade é educativa e ainda tem o potencial de deixar os quartinhos das crianças mais bonitos! […]

A couple of weeks ago I asked my son what he wanted to do to spend a fabulous 5th birthday and he said quickly “I want to eat cake and play with my friends”. So, the playdate with cake was born. Perfect for him, easier for me. And because he is so into pirate stuff […]

I told you I would post the last drawings every Friday, but I just realized that is too much at the moment. So, I decided to post once every 30 images. Bellow you’ll find the link to where to purchase each drawing. Thanks for your support! 1. Art Print Friends – The very first one. […]

It’s not been so easy to keep up with daily drawings besides my regular commissions, but I’m really enjoying the process! Thanks to all who have been supporting me so far! This blog post gathers the first illustrations of this marathon. Soon, some of them will be available on my Etsy Shop! What’s your favourite […]

I’m going through an artistic crisis. 🙂 This is not something new, though – I actually go through phases like that a lot. I believe there’s nothing better than these crisis for me to revaluate where my style is going to and whether it reflects what I am or not. I’ve never believed that the […]

I’ve had this project in mind for quite some time. I wanted to portrait parents and children in a cute way and especially, showing a lot of love and sweetness. These three art prints are just the first ones. You can find them in many background colours to choose from and then, coordinate them as […]

A while back I shared the sketch of this image above here. In the initial idea, the little girl was surrounded by autumn leaves and that’s why you can see some on her hair. Sometime later, I came across the sketch in a drawer and as it was mid summer in Canada, I couldn’t stop thinking that […]

One of my goals for this year is to create more illustrations to go with the ones I already have in the store, as I have been receiving lots of requests to do so. When it’s possible, I’ve adapted one or more images, so they can go together. A few months ago a customer asked […]

I’d like to thank all those who have taken some time to leave me feedback. You can’t see me, but I guarantee I look pretty happy! 🙂 And while we have a giveaway going on, I’ll tell about the new goodies around here. You may have noticed that I love to illustrate simple moments of […]


October 14, 2011 Kids Art Prints

Hi there! It’s been nearly a month since I last posted here, it’s such a long time! But this is because there are many things here going on at the same time: Nicolas is about to turn 3, so I’ve been busy with the preparations for his birthday party, I’m participating in activities for pregnant […]

:: ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY – LIMITES :: NEW ITEMS FOR THE SHOP – I’ve been full of new ideas and projects lately, and today I just wanted to show you my new illustrations inspired by a big passion: the dolls created by the talented hands of Fabiluli Dolls and Toys. Her Waldorf fairy dolls are so […]

Some people keep asking me how I do my drawings. “It’s all hand painted ?” No it is not. Well, actually, until recently it was, but then I realized that these days most artists do their illustrations in Photoshop, so I decided to purchase the software and give it a try. At first I had […]

Learning to live with differences is one of the best ways to cultivate friendships, don’t you think? And as I paint all my illustrations using Photoshop, I thought it would be nice to experiment with other colours too. So I chose a colour palette more pinkish and other one more bluish. I still prefer the […]

When I was a little girl I was often thinking of butterflies and my greatest wish would be to become one! 🙂 Now that the spring is just around the corner, I can’t help but thinking of them again… Any way, I finally did something more girly, right? 😉 Her movements gently stirred the butterflies […]

I created this drawing especially for the header of my other blog – about motherhood (only in Portuguese). For a long time I’ve been wanting something very colourful on a white background, and now that I have been so madly in love with turquoise, I couldn’t resist and used this colour again, among others… 🙂 […]

Illustration Friday (IF) is a weekly illustration challenge. This is the second time I participate, but the first time I create something especially inspired by the week’s topic: “layer”. Layers in a bright dreaming world, where anything is possible… PS1: This print is also available to be purchased in my Etsy Store PS2: I also […]

My son, like any typical little boy, is always talking about trucks, rockets and trains. So, I decided to make a drawing on the wall of his bedroom containing all that he enjoys most. But since illustrating a wall is not something I do every day, I decided not take any chances and then experiment […]