Hi! After a long pause without my computer and now, busy having my kids full time on summer break, I’m back here to show you what I’ve been up to these days. This is a family sketch – and I’m really hoping I’ll manage to turn this into a huge painting for my house this […]

We love having our family properly photographed from time to time, and after 5 years living in Squamish, it was finally time to have a session here (instead of in Vancouver, where we usually have our photos taken)! I’m so glad we came across Cheryl’s work! The session with her was fun, quick and the result was […]

I can´t believe the summer break is over! Nicolas is now back to school…   Lily is starting preschool… And I can finally catch up with my drawings! Yay! So, I’m now resuming an old project: a poster to record baby’s first animal words. Whale in Portuguese is Baleia and Turtle is Tartaruga, but Lily until […]

My son has been asking me to build a Fairy Garden for months. He goes to a school where Fairy Gardens are becoming very popular and many of this friends (boys and girls) have one at home. Now that the spring has come, we decided to start one! These gardens are whimsical miniature landscapes, built […]

Life is full of phases. Every time we start do get used to one, another phase comes right behind and makes us rethink and adapt to it all over again. But they can be especially intense and tricky when we have children, right? About three months ago I started the 365 Drawing Project. First, because […]

A couple of weeks ago I asked my son what he wanted to do to spend a fabulous 5th birthday and he said quickly “I want to eat cake and play with my friends”. So, the playdate with cake was born. Perfect for him, easier for me. And because he is so into pirate stuff […]

(sorry, this particular blog post was written only in Portuguese) Gente, eu não sei como seria minha vida de expatriada se não fosse a dona internet. Pra começar, é por causa dela que consigo ter meu negócio em casa, ter clientes em várias partes do mundo e acesso às novidades. Mas o lado mais importante, […]

Oliver Jeffers

February 27, 2013 Personal

I’m sorry for those who can’t understand Portuguese, but today I have no time to translate the full post. I’m just saying that I’m thrilled that I recently had the opportunity to meet one of my favourite storytellers in a breakfast organized by the VCLR in Vancouver. It was awesome and I feel more inspired […]

A while back I shared the sketch of this image above here. In the initial idea, the little girl was surrounded by autumn leaves and that’s why you can see some on her hair. Sometime later, I came across the sketch in a drawer and as it was mid summer in Canada, I couldn’t stop thinking that […]

Hi there! Many of you might be still enjoying your vacations, but around here we slowing getting back to our routine. How was your Christmas? Ours was very good: simple, few presents and just the four of us. I remember that when I lived in Brazil or Australia, Chistmas time meant, among other things, light […]

Despite our love for Canada’s cold weather we decided to sneak out and spend some days on the beach! It will a first for Lily and I’m sure Nicolas will enjoy it a lot. Well, me too.:) So, just to let you know that between December 15th and 27th, the online shop will be closed, […]

Nic & Lily

December 7, 2012 Personal

I can’t believe it’s December already and that my first year with two kids is about to end! I haven’t got much work done, that’s true, but who would guess I would have a new website by now? I have lots to celebrate! Lily is 10 months old and can already say mamma. Wasn’t she […]

Should I tell you or not? Yes or not? Okay, I’ll do. Soon, lalelilolu is going to have a brand new website! Yay! I can’t wait to show you how beautiful it’s turning out. Along with the website there will be a lot of changes and good surprises too. For the moment I just came […]

Those illustration were done for my dear friend Taís asked me to create some illustrations to decorate Maitê‘s second birthday party. The theme was “Bees” and you can see by the pictures that everything turned out really, really cute! The pictures were taken by Camila Coura and the decoration was made by Festeggiare Bambini News […]

I’ve never been very photogenic nor had had a professional photo session before. But when I came across the amazing artwork of Belle Meinerz, from Vancouver, and then I found out I was pregnant again, I was sure that the time to give it try had come. The photo session happened last week when I […]

A while ago I published this illustration I created especially for my son’s bedroom wall. My intention was to test the color combinations first, but when I got to his room armed with paints and brushes, I decided to keep it simple and use basically the three main colors that were already there – blue, green and […]

You may have seen this drawing in my profile, but I just had to tell you the story behind it … That had been a hard night. My husband was traveling, Nicolas had a restless sleep and woke up several times, and in the end, I just couldn’t fall back asleep. After lying there nearly […]

I created these watercolours to decorate Nicolas’ second birthday party that happened last October. As it coincided with Halloween season I decided to play around with the theme. That’s how I came up with the idea of drawing Nicolas coming out of a giant pumpkin! 🙂 If you’re looking for a custom illustration, please head […]

I’ll start off posting my first drawings of Nicolas, when I was starting to warm up my fingers and pencils. At this time, we lived in Australia and after several years without practicing, I felt it was much harder to capture features, movements and define my own style.


November 9, 2010 Personal

I have finally created a blog for my illustrations! Hooray! Let me start by introducing myself first. My name is Luciana, but you can call me just Lu (or Luh). I am married to my sweet husband Rafael and have an active little boy named Nicolas. I am originally from Brazil but I currently live […]