Photo Cuteness

I’m back drawing on pictures! To participate, just post a picture of your child on my fanpage’s timeline. Every Wednesday I’m going to pick the one the inspires me the most, draw some cute drawings on it and post it on Thursday. Are you in? 🙂

Even though all the spots to get a Custom Illustration in 2013 are sold out (thanks you all!), you can still get a picture of your children “through the Photo Cute Machine”. These are some of the latest I have done. The first one shows Thomas, a little boy who is about to turn 3 and loves […]

Hi there! Many of you might be still enjoying your vacations, but around here we slowing getting back to our routine. How was your Christmas? Ours was very good: simple, few presents and just the four of us. I remember that when I lived in Brazil or Australia, Chistmas time meant, among other things, light […]

The Cute Photo Machine was created to make the pictures of your children look whimsical and even cuter. I’ve been having so much fun drawing cute things over pictures of my own family, that it’s just being hard to stop! Every photo I take I want to put through the Cute Photo Machine. I’m helpless!:) […]

Priscila was the winner of the last giveaway. The idea was for her to send me a picture of her son Dudu, so I could put it through my “Cute Photo Machine” by adding cute elements to it. She told me everything he likes at his current age: his stuffed little horse, his black cat, […]

Hi there! I’ve been crazy about doing digital drawings on pictures of my kids lately. Look at my last post, so you’ll have an idea. It’s addicting! So, what about having a picture of your kid(s) decorated with an illustration too? It’s simple: just tell me in a comment below the name of your kid (if you have […]

Should I tell you or not? Yes or not? Okay, I’ll do. Soon, lalelilolu is going to have a brand new website! Yay! I can’t wait to show you how beautiful it’s turning out. Along with the website there will be a lot of changes and good surprises too. For the moment I just came […]