A-há… então você me achou aqui! (So, you’ve found me here!)

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Welcome to Lalelilolu Studios!


…working on the details of my new website that will be launched in just a couple weeks! It’s being done little by little, while Zelda – the cat...

05:10 PM

I created this image right after the match that Brazil lost against Germany by 7×1. I only shared the Portuguese version publicly and for my greatest surprise it went viral in...

11:24 AM

This is how a Brazilian feels before any game of the World Cup: And this is how a Brazilian feels after a match like Brazil x Germany: (this...

12:01 PM
1. custom-illustration-princess-lalelilolu-studios

It’s been a while since I last showed you the custom illustrations I’ve doing this year, don’t you think? Unfortunately, for those who have been asking, I’m not...

11:14 AM